Mazda Foundation Performing Arts Tuition Scholarship

A further 12 talented young performers will be able to follow their dreams thanks to the Mazda Foundation’s generous support of the Performing Arts Association of New Zealand (PACANZ) for the second year running.

Following a grant of $18,000 in 2006, the Mazda Foundation awarded the organisation a further $24,000 in 2007. This has been translated into $24,000 worth of tuition grants given to first, second and third place performers.

Each recipient determines the exact purpose for the scholarship suitable to his or her situation, within the parameters of tuition. Last year the scholarships were used toward the completion of training in New Zealand and overseas, post-graduate courses, special schools and master classes.

The awards bring together the creme-de-la- creme of young performers and are an opportunity for growth and development of the individual as they hone performance skills and technical prowess.

Through a rigorous competition and assessment process the awards identify 12 young people each year who have the skills, talent and motivation to move onto a professional career in their chosen art form. The disciplines of Ballet, Tap, Pianoforte, Vocal, Modern Dance, Highland and National Dance, Orchestral Instrument and Speech and Drama are alternated each year.

Annette Johnston of PACANZ says so many organisations face challenges trying to secure funding. “Like many others, our organisation doesn’t fit within the parameters of other funding bodies which can be so prescriptive in terms of what they support. For example, Creative New Zealand aren’t interested because we deal with amateurs.

“To find a Foundation like the Mazda Foundation which is open-minded and wider-seeing has been a delight and thanks to them it has given 24 talented young performers enormous opportunities they would never have had to pursue a career in the performing arts.”