Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

One of the larger grants was given to the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra which exists to enliven and enrich the lives of Aucklanders through orchestral music.

The grant of $14,225.00 will help talented young students develop their music skills through a new programme – ‘Remix the Orchestra Volume One’ – which brings together the hip hop and classical music styles.

“The grant will fund a programme which will provide the opportunity for our talented young musicians to extend themselves beyond the school curriculum with a new style of music which is relevant to the community,” said Barbara Glaser, Chief Executive Officer, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

The students will have the opportunity to work with a professional hip hop mentor and APO musicians to remix the orchestra and compose their own original pieces.

The programme will culminate with a free live performance on the Otara Town Centre stage on 28 June.

“Despite a contrast in public image, there are many parallels between hip hop and classical music. They draw from the same fundamentals as rhythm, melody, structure and lyrical composition, particularly with opera,” said Anonymouz, also known as Matthew Salupu Faiumu – a South Auckland hip hop producer and mentor involved in the programme.

‘Remix the Orchestra Volume Two’ will allow more students to take part in the programme later this year.