New Zealand Science and Technology Charitable Trust

New Zealand’s only independent science centre will use their $8,870.00 grant to purchase two concept cars and gas station sets from Germany for a fuel cell exhibition.

The New Zealand Science and Technology Charitable Trust (Science Alive!) believes that hydrogen will be the answer to the world’s energy problems and its latest exhibition will demonstrate hydrogen’s effectiveness.

“These new sets demonstrate the solar-hydrogen energy cycle and the application of converting hydrogen to power a fuel cell vehicle. The focus will be on this technology’s sound energy supply and its minimal impact on our natural resources,” says Neville Petrie, Chief Executive Officer, Science Alive!

Science Alive! was established in 1992 to promote the value of science and technology through interactive experiences. The organisation puts on shows for families and runs education programmes in schools around the central and upper South Island. Science Alive! also has a strong reputation for designing and building innovative exhibits for science centres and museums worldwide.

The new concept cars and gas station sets will be featured at Science Alive! from March – June 2010 where up to 30,000 people are expected to visit the exhibition.