SPCA Auckland

The SPCA Auckland received funding to the tune of $7,600 to assist in the redevelopment of the organisation’s website. The funds will enable the site with Web 2.0 capability bring greater interactivity online between the SPCA and its supporters.

Jeanine Gribbin, Fundraising Manager for the SPCA Auckland, says the website is a crucial tool enabling the organisation to reach out and engage with its supporters.

“Online marketing is playing an increasing role for charitable organisations and by upgrading our website we will be able to facilitate two way communications with our supporters, particularly young people, which is part of our wider education strategy,” says Gribbin.

The new website will allow young people to learn more about animals and the SPCA in a fun way through stories, images and videos. The organisation is also currently developing its social media capabilities.

SPCA Auckland’s new-look website (www.spca.org.nz) will be re-launched early next year.