East Otago High School

East Otago High School’s $4,475 grant was music to the students’ ears with teaching staff using the funds to purchase a set of ukuleles and recording equipment for the music department.

With an increasing number of students showing an interest in studying music, the school has committed a great deal of time in recent years to developing the music department and stocking it with resources.

“We are focused on fostering our students’ interest in the arts and encouraging them to try something new,” says Rick Geerlofs, Principal of East Otago High School. “Having the new instruments on hand will help us to avoid the stop start stigma that can often quell the enthusiasm of students when learning a new instrument.”

East Otago High School provides all students with the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through the Instrumental Music Programme. Instruments include the flute, saxophone, violin, drums, guitar, keyboard and double bass.