Chase Annan

Nine-year-old Chase Annan from Ngaruawahia is on a mission to fulfil his dream of a white Christmas in New York. After a lot of hard work saving and fundraising; he received an extra $2,500 donation from the Mazda Foundation.

Chase has Cystic Fibrosis which requires daily treatment and medication, as well as regular trips to the hospital, usually during school holidays. On top of this, Chase deals with learning disabilities which have seen him fall behind his peers.

But Chase has developed his own approach to life that doesn’t let his condition get in the way of what he wants to accomplish. Instead, Chase sets himself goals and strives to achieve them.

Chase is a keen sportsman and is dedicated to doing his best for the team. He plays soccer and attends every practice and game; he excels in triathlons and cross country, having won his age group twice; and he played on the school basketball team and was the most enthusiastic player on the court.

Chase’s Mum, Donna Anan, says, “Chase is a true kiwi example of how goal setting can change your life. He has taught us that dealing with the hand you’re dealt and enjoying what you have, can lead to a life well lived.”

Chase’s wish is to experience a white Christmas in New York, just like his hero 10-year-old Kevin McCallister from his favourite movie, Home Alone 2. With his grant from the Mazda Foundation, Chase will be able to ice skate in Central Park, visit the UN and meet up with Helen Clark, go to the Lion King on Broadway and a New York ice hockey game.