Plunket – Car Seats for Life

Plunket’s new high deprivation car seat programme – Car Seats for Life – is off to a great start with funding being granted by the Mazda Foundation.

The $7,500 grant will purchase 60 new car seats to be given to families who live in high deprivation areas.

Matthew Reweti-Gould, Plunket’s Database Marketing Executive, says, “The impact of the Mazda Foundation’s grant is two-fold, firstly, it will enable at-risk children to receive a car seat. Secondly, it will create a flow-on effect, enabling regional car seat rental offices to set affordable, yet sustainable prices.”

Currently, Plunket rents car seats to low income households at an affordable rate, to ensure children are protected. However, renting car seats to families who have a high risk of defaulting has created financial strain for Plunket. Serving high deprivation families can be difficult which is why instead of renting car seats to these families they will now receive a car seat for life, at no cost.