Henderson Intermediate School

Henderson Intermediate School has received a $2,500 grant from the Mazda Foundation to purchase new musical instruments for the student members of the West City Junior Band Programme.

The West City Junior Band Programme is a government funded initiative, but the purchasing and maintenance of musical instruments is covered by the schools involved.

The students in this programme perform with the West City Senior Band at special events throughout the year and also play for the RSA Christmas Parade in Henderson.

Henderson Intermediate School is well renowned for the students’ musical talents and the emphasis placed on developing students’ abilities in the Arts.

Principal Dale, of Henderson Intermediate School, says, “I firmly believe the new instruments will provide a tremendous boost for the students and will take them to new standards of performance. We have the opportunity and potential to create a band of ‘excellence’ if we have the full complement of instruments.

“With the injection of these new musical resources, our students will have greater opportunities to participate in inter-school music competitions, workshops, festivals and exchanges, providing a great platform for the students to share their musical talents with the community.”