The Bradburn family

The Bradburn family have received $7,995 to purchase a spa pool, for their 19-month-old son, Caleb, who suffers from Angelman syndrome, a rare neuro – genetic disorder.

The disorder is caused when a section of chromosome 15 is missing. Although it is only a small part of the gene that is lost, it causes delays in development, including problems with walking and balance and a lack of speech ability.

“Caleb developed severe reflux at three weeks old and he had trouble feeding and sleeping. By 11 months old we were concerned because he was unable to sit unsupported, lie on his stomach for long periods of time and was not babbling. When he was 13 months old he was diagnosed with the rare condition, Angelman syndrome,” says, Gemma Bradburn, Caleb’s mother.

“Since his diagnosis Caleb sees a speech therapist and a physiotherapist regularly, who help him to improve his speech and language development.

“Recently we stayed in a hotel which had a spa pool, Caleb had so much fun in the bath and he appeared more relaxed afterwards. It prompted me to start looking at hydrotherapy as another form of support for Caleb.”

Caleb’s new spa pool will help him to relax his muscles and improve muscle tone and circulation. It is hoped that the warm water and hydrotherapy will create an enjoyable experience for Caleb and encourage his development.

Angelman syndrome occurs in approximately one in 15,000 births and there is currently no cure available, but some of the symptoms can be alleviated through hydrotherapy.