Karori Community Centre

Karori Community Centre received approximately $900 to fund new kitchen equipment including a fridge freezer and microwave to help with the centre’s drop-in lunch service.

Karori Community Centre chairman Michael Fagg is pleased the centre will be able to continue offering a filling lunch for less than $4 and a space to socialise for people who need it most.

The drop-in centre has run for the last 34 years, offering lunch to people who live alone. The centre mainly has elderly people coming along for a social lunch, but also welcomes new mothers, widows or those who have retired from work.

At the moment, the centre is unable to freeze items as the fridge freezer has broken – this is essential as the centre often receives donations from local businesses that are a struggle to preserve.

Volunteers will now be able to keep the food fresher for longer, accept donated bread and food items, and offer a wider variety of food to the patrons, which in the long run will help provide a better service to the Karori community.