Wood Hatton Playcentre

Wood Hatton Playcentre received $1,000 from the Mazda Foundation. The centre is a family focused parent cooperative that provides opportunities for young children to learn and develop, grow and explore together. The play centre will use the grant to purchase quality art and craft supplies for children who are least able to afford it.

Located in a low socioeconomic area the centre provides services to those who need assistance the most. The centre is always running on the bare minimum and is grateful for the opportunity to provide different materials to the children that attend.

The Playcentre plans to purchase craft supplies including paints, papers, glitters, glue, clay and collage materials, as well as some special items to help celebrate Christmas.

Members of the centre applied for the grant to provide their children with a tailored learning experience. For example, one of the children has Down Syndrome and as part of her therapy she loves to explore textures and enjoys painting. The craft supplies will encourage her to explore the mode of expression and learning.