NZ Epilepsy Assist Dogs Trust

NZ Epilepsy Assist Dog Trust – is very deserving of a substantial $15,000, an amount rarely gifted in a single grant.

Based in Auckland, but assisting across the country, NZ Epilepsy Assist Dogs train and provide dogs to people with severe epilepsy. After years of rigorous training the puppies develop into very special creatures with the ability to assist their owners to lead happier and safer lives both at home and in public.

The grant will cover the expense of training and care for one puppy throughout the entire programme – a very substantial and expensive process, which results in only a small number of puppies undergoing training.

It is a huge task to prepare one of these puppies for a new home and they change the lives of people with epilepsy. The dogs provide companionship and independence to their owner, while keeping them safe when having a seizure and in some instances preventing them all together.