East Tamaki Primary

East Tamaki Primary School received $1,500 to purchase new, more robust recyclable waste bins with lids and signage to further the school’s quest to become as sustainable as possible.

The previous bins had no lids, meaning that teachers were reluctant to keep them in their classrooms so they were not easily accessible to students. This resulted in tonnes of recyclable and compostable rubbish being sent to the landfill each year, such as food scraps, which could be used in their worm farm.

East Tamaki Primary believe that environmental education is a vital part of a child’s upbringing and contributes to turning out responsible and well-rounded members of society. The school has been a model for many environmentally-friendly initiatives including an extensive vegetable patch, orchard and native garden. Thanks to these initiatives the school has noticed a flow on effect with many students introducing sustainable practises into their homes.