Konini School

Konini School received $2,305.92 to purchase 386 native plants to restore a large bush block at the back of the school. The area will provide students with more environmental opportunities, better ecosystems and a recreational area for the community.

Over the past five years concerned locals and parents in the Whakarina Stream Sustainable Neighbourhood group have met once a term with the wider school community to weed the space, which is full of native trees, plants and a waterfall.

One of the group’s members, along with a Konini school teacher have joined a group of keen students called the ‘Whakarina Fun Group’ to teach native plant propagation and restoration to other pupils. The group is excited about the learning opportunities the new trees will bring.

Currently, some of school’s classrooms use the area to monitor the stream and learn about its inhabitants, however, the new trees will open up the space as an educational resource for the whole school, where students can learn about native flora and fauna.