Losalini Hardford

Stroke victim Losi, sought financial assistance towards a special needs bicycle to help her train towards her goal of participating in road race nationals.

At the age of 38 international women’s cricket player Losalini Harford had a dense stroke, becoming paralysed on the left side. With little upper limb function and weakness in her lower limbs, Losalini has managed through hard work and discipline to become a competitive cycler.
Losalini was granted $6,989 to purchase a special needs bicycle after her one was stolen.

The new bike will not only allow her to resume training for her goal of qualifying for the Rio Paralympics, but it will also allow her to be more independent, access local community amenities, cycle with her nine year-old son Elijah and meet up with family and friends.

Losalini’s positive attitude is also what led her to volunteer at the Stroke Foundation, where she promotes the importance of healthy living amongst the Pacific groups in South Auckland and educates them on the risk factors of strokes and ways to try and prevent the happening.