Whangarei District Brass

The Whangarei District Brass band received $3,640 to purchase 40 hats to be worn at marching and outdoor performances in the community.

The band is a vital part of the culture of Whangarei and has played an integral role in the ANZAC commemorations in Northland for over 50 years, including the ANZAC dawn service in Whangarei and civic ceremonies at Waipu, Kawakawa, and Russell.
Brass bands are steeped in military tradition, uniformity being an important part of that, however over the years the Whangarei District Brass band’s hats deteriorated, leaving only 50 percent of members with hats.

The new hats will be worn with pride at marching and outdoor performances, and will complement their uniform, which has been a signature of the band since it began over 60 years ago.