Big Buddy Mentoring Trust

Big Buddy Mentoring Trust are setting up an office in South Auckland at Vector Wero Whitewater, where it knows there is a high need for its services.

The Trust recruit men to volunteer as long-term mentors for young males aged between 7-14 years old who do not have a father or a significant male role model in their lives.

Through the Big Buddy programme, the young boys are guided into adulthood by their “buddies” who lead by example and show them what it means to be a good man.

It received $2,848.00 to purchase a laptop, peripherals and a mobile phone so that its mentor co-ordinator can embedded themselves in the community.

Big Buddy plan to have the mentor co-ordinator working in the new base by September 2019. His target will be to match 20 boys in South Auckland with a volunteer mentor each year.