Helena Prosser, Auckland

The Mazda Foundation grant for $2,500.00 will assist with the costs of getting an Oamaru teenager to Seattle, Washington to participate in groundbreaking research into the correction of musculoskeletal deformities.

Helena Prosser, 15, was born with profound, diffuse, bilateral midbrain injury which has affected her sight, hearing, sensation and movement. Various treatments have improved her condition throughout her childhood, however she is still unable to move independently.

Angela Prosser, Helena’s mother, said she has been researching various treatments for years with Helena travelling as far a field as Melbourne, Australia, Singapore and Philadelphia, United States to receive treatment.

Recently she discovered a research programme developing the use of magnetic molecular energising in Washington. The treatment is designed to stimulate the body’s metabolic processes and improve motion.

“I contacted them and began an effort which has lead to an invitation to bring Helena to Seattle to receive 400 hours of free treatment. This is a huge opportunity and my dream is to raise further funds to cover an extra 100 hours of treatment,” said Prosser.