Tamahunga Trappers Incorporated

Tamahunga Trappers Incorporated is dedicated to supporting the natural re-colonisation and reintroduction of rare and threatened species by providing a safe predator fenced habitat. The organisation received a grant of $2,347 to release and monitor 40 North Island Brown Kiwi from Motuora Island onto Mt Tamahunga. Following the release, the survival of the birds will be continuously monitored to track the population status.

The Air Training Corps Association of New Zealand Incorporated

The Air Training Corps Association of New Zealand Incorporated is a youth organisation with a vision to develop and enable self-disciplined, confident and responsible young New Zealanders. It provides challenging and disciplined training and social activities, including tramps, sports, and community support events. The organisation received a grant of $3,610 to purchase warm camping and tramping jackets to ensure all the cadets who do not own warm clothing can still participate and attend outdoor events.

The Brain Injury Association (Auckland)

The Brain Injury Association (Auckland) provides support, advice and education for people who have acquired a brain injury and their family, friends and employers. The association runs a wide range of free support groups at its Headway House that are facilitated by qualified psychologists and social workers. The Brain Injury Association received a grant of $3,583 to establish vegetable gardens at Headway House that can be used to teach and encourage sustainable horticulture.

The Incubator Growing Art and Culture Charitable Trust

The Incubator Growing Art and Culture Charitable Trust run a creative hub where vibrant and diverse people can meet to practice, celebrate, showcase and experience art and culture. The hub is running a new project called Social Fabric which will work with established and emerging fashion designers on a zero-waste philosophy and sustainable work practice. The trust received a grant of $3,908 to purchase sewing machines to help run a series of workshops including clothing repair days to learn mending techniques and community workshops to make sustainable period wear.

The One Victoria Trust Board Inc

The One Victoria Trust Board Inc has a vision to be the heart of Hamilton Art and is dedicated to developing, adopting and adapting to meet the needs of local creators. It operates the Meteor Theatre, a community hub that exists as a space to share creative experiences. The trust received a grant of $2,000 to purchase a stage box and case for the theatre. The new equipment will enable the trust to support larger musical and theatre acts as it will allow for the use of multiple sound inputs and microphones.

Waikanae Playcentre

Waikanae Playcentre is a parent-led early childhood centre that provides children with the opportunity to learn and explore in a fun and safe way. The Playcentre works to ensure that the curiosity and creativity of tamariki is nurtured, allowing them to learn more about themselves and the world around them. Waikanae Playcentre received a grant of $742 to purchase a new oven with a cooktop that will enable them to teach children how to cook and bake.

Waikato Community Hospice

The Waikato Community Hospice is dedicated to empowering its staff to find innovative ways to support the terminally ill patients in their care to ensure they make the most of every moment they have. The Hospice received a grant of $978 to purchase two Swivel Bath Seats to assist the nursing team by enabling them to manoeuvre patients while bathing, helping to improve the overall support and comfort level.

WanderSearch Auckland Charitable Trust

WanderSearch Auckland Charitable Trust provides a tracking solution for people in the greater Auckland community who have a cognitive impairment and the potential to wander. These tracking devices provide peace of mind to family, friends and caregivers, and allow independence and assurance for vulnerable people. The trust received a grant of $2,200 to refurbish 100 tracking devices that are currently being used in the community. These devices are checked, repaired and, if required, have the batteries replaced every six months to ensure they are working correctly.

West Auckland Community Toy Library

The West Auckland Community Toy Library provides local families greater access to affordable toys on a loan basis. It aims to offer a wide range of different toys, puzzles and sports equipment, while promoting awareness for sharing and reusing resources and reducing landfill waste. The library received a grant of $398 towards purchasing new cultural and educational toys that can be borrowed by members of the local community.