Ailish Roughan

A home hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber will be life changing for seven-year-old Gabrielle Fergus who has severe Dandy Walker malformation. It will significantly help to relieve the symptoms of the respiratory disability and the benefits will be ongoing. Grant received = $3,000

Angel Ginty

This funding will be used to purchase a pizza oven to help Angel explore cooking and to learn basic life skills. Angel is a young woman who is hearing impaired and autistic who finds joy in cooking. The pizza oven will allow her a safe space to practice these skills and build communication and common interests with her whānau and wider community. Grant received = $798.98

Christchurch School Of Music Incorporated

The Christchurch School of Music (CSM) is a community-focused institution in Ōtautahi Christchurch, dedicated to music education and cultural enrichment. They offer music lessons, community events, scholarships, ensemble programmes, and support for emerging talent. Seeking funding to sustain and expand these initiatives, CSM aims to make music education and cultural enrichment accessible to a broader audience. In particular, the funding will be used to replace stolen music stands so they can continue on their mission for ‘Music for All’. Grant received = $2,500

Gillian Dennis

Gillian Dennis is passionate about wildlife conservation with a special passion for native bats and their conservation. The grant will be used to purchase specialised equipment to monitor pekapeka/long-tailed bats (Chalinolobus tuberculatus) who are a threatened species, ranked as ‘Nationally Critical’. Grant received = $3,151

Hayley Harrison

Poppy loves playing guitar and attending lessons, however due to a genetic condition, holding the guitar is challenging. The funding will be for an adaptive guitar that can be used with switches. This will not only allow her to engage in music lessons outside of the classroom but also a range of music within the curriculum.

Hospice Waikato Trust

Hospice Waikato Trust has a vision of “Living Every Moment” and  empowering staff to find innovative ways to support their patients and whānau. The funding will be used to purchase a mobile workstation for its in-patient unit. Grant received = $1,998

Juliet Hawkeswood

Tiritiri Matangi has long been an example of what can be achieved when the community works together to restore an ecosystem, remove pest species, and re-introduce threatened wildlife. The funding provided will help in the acquisition of a specialist bird-watching telescope and accompanying tripod, to aid in the foundation’s conservation of declining bird life. Grant received = $1,790

Natasha Lydiard

Natasha Lydiard’s grant is to fund an ADNZ Assistance Dog named Kowhai for Harry, a 5-year-old boy with congenital myasthenia. Kowhai will help Harry manage manageing his medical condition safely and increase his interactions and participation with friends, family, and the wider community. Grant received = $5,000