Rebecca Winton

Muddy Toes Playgroup is a community-driven initiative that promotes child-led play in nature. The funding will provide comprehensive first aid training for two facilitators to ensure there is a first aid trained-session leader present at each of their weekly playgroup sessions. Grant received = $470

Ruby Nepe

This grant will be used to provide and make possible opportunities for children with physical disabilities who come from impoverished or financially challenging backgrounds, to participate, access and engage in physical activities within their communities. Specifically, this funding will purchase a trike for Ruby Nepe to enable her to join her friends and family in outdoor activities. Grant received = $660

Te Pou Theatre Trust

Established in 2015, Te Pou Theatre is the only Māori-led professional performing arts venue in Aotearoa and the first independent indigenous performing arts venue in the world. They aim to broaden people’s access to the arts and to deepen their engagement with tikanga Māori. The grant will be used to invest in a suite of new in-house lighting equipment to be used in Te Pou Theatre’s main auditorium. Grant received = $1,574.78

The Good Carbon Farm Limited

The Good Carbon Farm Limited stores carbon safely by upcycling it into biochar. This is then given free to schools and community organisations for use in horticulture and conservation projects. The grant will enable them to make a large quantity of biochar using surplus forestry slash and other green waste available in Auckland and provide associated training and resources to users of the biochar. Grant received = $5,000

Totara Hospice

Totara Hospice’s vision is to honour living and dignify dying, ensuring terminally ill patients and their whānau in the South and Southeast Auckland communities receive top quality palliative care. The funding will be used to purchase two lightweight manual wheelchairs and pressure-relieving cushions to enable patients to participate in daily activities. Grant received = $1,272

Animapuni Silingi

Animapuni Silingi received a grant of $770 to purchase a recliner chair for her 19-year-old daughter, Fiona, who has cerebral palsy. This chair will help Fiona to live a more normal life and provide help for moving within their home.

Ashton Reiser

Ashton Reiser received a grant of $2,656.50 to develop an accurate method for detecting pest fish in shallow lakes and ponds. The process is part of Ashton’s university master’s thesis and uses environmental DNA (eDNA).