Animapuni Silingi

Animapuni Silingi received a grant of $770 to purchase a recliner chair for her 19-year-old daughter, Fiona, who has cerebral palsy. This chair will help Fiona to live a more normal life and provide help for moving within their home.

Ashton Reiser

Ashton Reiser received a grant of $2,656.50 to develop an accurate method for detecting pest fish in shallow lakes and ponds. The process is part of Ashton’s university master’s thesis and uses environmental DNA (eDNA).

Bee Awesome Limited

Bee Awesome Limited uses outdoor learning, bees and the environment to teach tamariki about sustainability. It received a grant of $3,657.75 for new equipment as the organisation grows to meet increased demand.

Bridget Alice McLaren

Bridget McLaren received a grant of $5,000 to assist in the training and upkeep of an assistance dog to help her cope with cerebral palsy. The dog will support her with basic everyday tasks and ensure she lives as normal life as possible.

Bright Foundation

The Bright Foundation works directly with schools and their stakeholders to help low-decile primary school students. The foundation received a grant of $4,695 to fund 100 food parcels for children and their families struggling with the high cost of living.

Megan Aramoana

Megan Aramoana received $2,883.26 for her child who suffers from Type 1 Diabetes. The grant will be used to purchase new glucose sensors that can monitor her child continuously which allows the family to have a higher quality of life.

Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust

Auckland’s Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust received $4,000 to purchase a puppy that will join a new family for twelve months. The Trust has been training dogs to support Kiwis who suffer from a disability since 2008, helping hundreds of New Zealanders.

Rebecca Poad

Rebecca Poad received a grant of $2,219.50 for an additional set of restraints on two powerchairs for her sons Quintin and Joshua. The boys are diagnosed with Nablus Mask, a very rare condition that has caused the boys to have hearing, vision, and speech problems.